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Guardianship of your children

September 6, 2021

Something a lot of clients seem to struggle with is naming the guardian of their children, a great way to do it would be to make a list of the following: What are your values? What are your children’s critical needs? What are the logistical preferences? Who are the available people? Once you have listed … Read more

The effect of marriage and divorce on a Will

June 26, 2018

What is the effect of marriage on my Will? In most cases your marriage will revoke your Will, meaning that you would no longer have a valid Will in place once you are married. There are some clauses of your Will that marriage will not revoke, but this usually produces a messy and uncertain result. … Read more

Reasons to Update your Will

April 16, 2018

Already have a Will in place? That’s great! Did you know that there are many life changes that can occur which will result in the need to update your Will? Planning to get married? Just got married? One very important life milestone is marriage. If you have decided to get married since doing your Will … Read more