What is Conveyancing?

Conveyancing involves the legal processes associated with buying or selling a property, it is an essential part of the buying/selling process as it transfers legal ownership from one person or entity to another. At Legal Essentials we cover all areas of conveyancing, whether it be residential or commercial conveyancing. Our team comprised of both lawyers and conveyancers are here to guide and assist you throughout the entire process and provide you with quality legal advice.

What does the conveyancing process involve?

Conveyancing will vary depending on whether you are purchasing or selling.

When purchasing our conveyancers will:

  • Review your contract of sale to ensure there are no issues with the property.
  • Check the contract of sale once signed.
  • Contact your broker/banker should you be procuring a loan.
  • Communicate with the vendors conveyancer on your behalf.
  • Check the title particulars.
  • Organise documents required for the purchase.
  • Undertake property searches.
  • Set up PEXA workspace so transfer of title can occur smoothly.
  • Organise the transfer of monies and title.

When selling our conveyancers will:

  • Obtain all relevant information form you in regard to your property.
  • Prepare your contract of sale/section 32.
  • Communicate with the agent for the sale of the property.
  • Organise with your bank loan discharges if applicable.
  • Communicate with the purchasers conveyancer on your behalf and prepare all relevant documents required to settle.
  • Set up PEXA workspace for settlement.
  • Organise the transfer of funds to you at settlement or repayment to your mortgagee to complete the process.

What other areas can we assist you in?

Estate matters – we can assist you along side with our estate lawyers in transferring your property to your executors’ names or beneficiaries’ names.

Transfer of titles – if you wish to change the matter of which you hold the title we can assist you in this and provide legal advice on any fees that may be payable in doing so.

Caveats – if you want to place a caveat on a property, we can assist you with this and advise if you are legally entitled to place the caveat.

What are our fees?

We offer fixed pricing for standard conveyancing and other conveyancing services, covering all legal work to ensure your peace of mind during the transaction. While disbursements such as property searches or fees are not included in the fixed price, we will provide estimates in our Costs Agreement.