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Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker

medical power of attorneyThe Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker appoints someone to make decisions about critical medical care.

Many people hold firm beliefs about their medical care, particularly end of life decisions, and feel they should have the right to legally enshrine those wishes. This is particularly important if you do not want decisions about your medical care to fall to the default person by law.

An Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker is also great thing to have in place if you have a physically dangerous job, or are planning a trip overseas.

The Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker replaces the Enduring Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment). It will allow you to:

  • Appoint a person to make health care decisions for you, including allowing you to appoint more than one person, which the current document does not allow.
  • Include instructions on whether certain types of medical treatment should be allowed or refused.
  • Include your values which are to guide your Attorney in making medical decisions.
  • Appoint a support person to assist with representing and communicating your decisions.

An appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker will provide you with significantly greater ability to direct your future medical care, and will give Attorneys greater clarity in what can otherwise be a stressful and emotional situation.

What about my existing Power of Attorney (Medical Treatment)?

The previous document used to handle medical treatment decisions had no scope for directing how that person should make those decisions. This is why an Appointment of Medical Treatment Decision Maker is a better option for controlling your future medical treatment.

However, your current Enduring Powers of Attorney (Medical Treatment) is still valid. There is no need to re-do your documents unless you wish to upgrade them to an Advance Care Directive.

Having said that, this is a perfect opportunity to review your estate planning documents, so please get in touch with us if you have any questions or to make an appointment.

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